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Liberty Christian LIONS

The PRIDE of Anderson


Liberty Christian LIONS

The PRIDE of Anderson

Liberty Christian LIONS

The PRIDE of Anderson

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1 year ago

Liberty Christian ECLIPSES Anderson Preparatory Academy


Anderson Preparatory Academy Jets soared into “The Den” of Liberty Christian on August 22nd at 7 pm. After a convincing win against Indianapolis Crispus Attucks, Anderson Prep was ready to devastate their next opponent. In contrast, Muncie Burris ended Liberty’s two-game winning streak, and the Lions were looking to reclaim their edge. The intensity of the atmosphere began to rise after the referee blew the whistle, advancing the varsity game. There was a profound feeling of anticipation for the upcoming battle between the Jets and the Lions.

As the Lions struggled with their serving accuracy, Anderson Prep jumped out to a 5-1 lead. Both teams struggled with serving consistency resulting in a back and forth battle. With the game tied 11-11, the Lions seemed to regain their consistency. Liberty Christian coach, Mike Carey, indicated in his post game interview that this was one of the turning points of the game “. Sarah Aikin stepped up big for the Lions with 5 kills and 2 aces, helping to lead Liberty over Anderson Prep 25-15. Sophomore, Alayna Thomas also scored 4 crucial kills that broke the deadlock.

Once the Lions began communicating, their shots began to fall and the momentum of the match began to change.  Coach Carey stressed that communication was one of the major keys that helped his team to take the advantage in the match. Liberty Christian had an impressive start, jumping out to an 8 point lead. Savannah Rees made her mark by tallying 4 kills in the second game. Kennedy Fillmore powered the Lions through with her aggressive serves and scoring impressively with 3 aces. The result was predictable, the second round was 25-11 victory.

The third game took LCS by surprise. Anderson Prep rotated their formation and took advantage of the scoring opportunities that they were given. The blue squad tried to push the Lions to their limits, giving them an early scare, tied 9-9 halfway through the third game. The Jets then took a short run, leading the Lions by 2 points with aggressive plays, 13 to 11 lead. Senior, Sarah Aikin, put on a show after this, leading the Lions back from their early deficit and to a convincing 25-14 win. She put up massive numbers with 3 kills and 4 aces in the final game. Rees also chipped in with a superb 4 kills for the lions.

At the post game, Savannah Rees was pleased with the team’s effort and she mentioned that focusing on their serves was a turning point of the match. Aikin was looking forward to her next game and ready to put all her mind and strength together for the match. The Lions moved to a winning record, 4-3.

Written by:  Gavyn Davis, and Thomas Pham

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